Periodontal Scaling & Planning

Restoring Gum Health Effectively

We are pleased to offer periodontal scaling, a specialized procedure that addresses gum disease and other dental health issues. Periodontal scaling is a non-surgical treatment that effectively eradicates the bacteria and tartar build-up that often leads to serious gum conditions.

Why is Periodontal Scaling Needed?

Periodontal scaling is needed to treat gum diseases, particularly periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease. If left untreated, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss and other serious health complications.

Symptoms Addressed by Periodontal Scaling

What is Periodontal Scaling?

Periodontal scaling and root planing is a deep cleaning treatment targeting gum disease, involving the removal of plaque and tartar from below the gum line. This procedure smooths the tooth roots to promote gum reattachment and improve oral health.

Who benefits from Periodontal Scaling?

Periodontal scaling and root planing is particularly beneficial for individuals showing early signs of gum disease, such as gum inflammation and deep pockets between teeth and gums. This treatment is effective in preventing the progression of the disease and maintaining oral health.

An example of teeth in need of Periodontal Scaling and Planing
Before: Tartar & Plaque
An example of teeth after receiving Periodontal Scaling and Planing
After: Clean & Smooth Gums

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The Periodontal Scaling & Planing Process

At Smile Mantra Family Dentistry

At Smile Mantra Family Dentistry, periodontal scaling and planing involves careful removal of plaque and tartar below the gum line, followed by smoothing of the tooth roots. This effective process treats and prevents the progression of gum disease, ensuring better oral health.

Consultation and Examination

The process begins with a detailed consultation with Dr. Kulhari, who will examine your teeth and gums to assess the extent of gum disease.

Treatment Plan

Dr. Kulhari will outline a personalized treatment plan based on your unique needs. This plan may include one or more sessions of periodontal scaling, depending on the extent of your condition.

Scaling and Root Planing

Dr. Kulhari will perform the scaling and root planning procedure using specialized tools. This involves carefully removing plaque and tartar from the gum line and smoothing the tooth roots to help gums reattach to the teeth.

Post-Procedure Care

After the procedure, you’ll receive instructions for post-procedure care and oral hygiene to ensure a smooth recovery and prevent future issues.


Dr. Kulhari will schedule follow-up visits to monitor your recovery and assess the success of the treatment. These visits are crucial for maintaining good oral health and catching any potential issues early.


Good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups can help prevent gum disease. Here are some recommendations:

  • Regular Brushing and Flossing: Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily to remove plaque from between your teeth and under your gum line before it can harden into tartar.
  • Regular Dental Checkups and Cleaning: Professional cleaning at Smile Mantra Family Dentistry is the only way to remove tartar. It can also eliminate any plaque you miss when brushing or flossing.
  • Healthy Diet: A diet low in sugar and high in fiber, particularly fruits, and vegetables, can help prevent dental issues.


As patients embark on the journey of periodontal scaling, a brighter and healthier oral future awaits them. This procedure is a highly effective solution to combat gum inflammation, significantly reducing it and providing a critical halt to the further advancement of gum disease.

Maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene post-procedure plays a key role in preserving the improved dental health achieved through periodontal scaling. By adopting and adhering to a comprehensive dental care routine, most patients can effectively keep severe gum disease at bay, thus ensuring the longevity of their radiant smiles.


Who needs periodontal scaling?

If you have symptoms like bad breath, swollen gums, or loose teeth, we can determine if periodontal scaling is suitable for you.


What is periodontal scaling?

Periodontal scaling is a non-surgical treatment for gum disease, such as periodontitis.


What to expect after periodontal scaling?

After periodontal scaling, patients typically see reduced gum inflammation and halted gum disease progression, with continued oral care preventing recurrence.

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At Smile Mantra Family Dentistry, your oral health is our priority. Periodontal scaling can be a life-changing procedure that can restore your gums to health, prevent tooth loss, and even improve your overall health. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of gum disease, don’t hesitate to take the first step towards better oral health. 

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